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December 21, 2005


Tom Byers

I just used the new rss compatible ROR sitemap generator, but I don't think I will replace my existing ror.xml file with its output.

My knowledge may more limited than most webmasters so I am being cautious. My original non-rss file tells search engines my address, contact and products, etc. The newly generated file has none of that and I don't have the knowledge to confidently add what is needed or merge the old and new files. Does anyone know if I can just paste the rss stuff into the existing ror.xml file?


ROR files can contain many types of information (contact, products, sitemaps, etc). If you have several ROR files, only one needs to be called ror.xml (you contact for example). You can call the other one anything you want, but you need to include a reference to that file in the ror.xml using the seeAlso property. See the examples on the main page at http://www.rorweb.com

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